Replace Missing Teeth in Dunwoody GA

The One-Day-Teeth™ is a revolutionary and relatively new method to address what Dr. Whitesides call Terminal Dentition™. In our opinion, patients that would require extensive traditional dental services; root canals, gum surgery, extractions, and tooth supported restorations that are likely to fail in 5-7 years with less than ideal function and esthetics should invest in a longer term more predictable treatment with amazing esthetics.  In Dr. Whitesides opinion patients have Terminal Dentition™ when the work the patient needs to restore, retain, and maintain his/her existing teeth has less than 50% probability of success over the next five years.

Many patients spend thousands of dollars and many years trying to restore, retain, and maintain teeth only to have them extracted a few short years later. Advanced periodontal gum disease, extensive caries (decay), poor occlusion (bite), para-functional habits such as bruxism, diets high in sugar, tobacco use, genetics, family history, and advancing years are all contributing factors to terminal and ultimately failing dentition.

With One-Day-Teeth™, your entire dentition is reconstructed. Using contemporary surgical and prosthodontic techniques, all broken down teeth are removed and replaced in just hours with a beautiful and functional immediate temporary prosthesis supported by the most modern of dental implants.

One-Day-Teeth™ is not a gimmick or false promise. One-Day-Teeth™ is based on years of scientific research and clinical trials with successful results in the 95 to 97 percentile range. Combined, Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Whitesides, and their lab technician have completed over 1200 successful One-Day-Teeth™ cases together. They will work diligently to make your case a success. Schedule your consult TODAY! Please call our office today to know more about transforming your smile.

One-Day-Teeth™ is your complete smile replacement!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Smile?


One-Day-Teeth™ patients need a considerable amount of preoperative planning.  Both Dr. Whitesides and Dr. Schwartz will evaluate you to listen to your desires and expectations for the surgery and prosthesis respectively.  Photos, models, and a three-dimensional CBCT scan are important part of the preoperative planning and are necessary for Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Whitesides to provide you with an accurate and reliable treatment plan.


All One-Day-Teeth™ surgeries are performed under general anesthesia/sedation; thus you must be fasting for at least eight hours prior to the surgery time.  For most  patients, we may elect to employ a board-certified anesthesiologist to administer the anesthesia for your case.

The surgery time is approximately four hours per arch.  Once the implants are placed and the prosthesis fitted, you will leave with appropriate prescriptions and postoperative instructions guide you through the immediate postoperative experience.

One-Day-Teeth™ can produce esthetically appealing results