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1. Am I a candidate for One-Day-Teeth™ ?

The ideal candidates for One-Day-Teeth™ are those people who are about to lose or have lost their teeth or are currently in some type of prosthesis which is unsuitable for them.

If you suffer from missing, decayed, broken teeth, gum disease, periodontal disease, bone loss, failing restorations, infections, or have removable partial or full dentures you are an ideal candidate.

2. I have been told I am not a candidate for permanent fixed bridge or implant due to bone loss, am I a candidate for the One-Day-Teeth™ ?

Many patients that have been told they are not candidate for the traditional dental implant option are candidates for One-Day-Teeth™. The One-Day-Teeth™ procedure involves placing the implants in the areas where the bone is available and adapting the prosthesis to the patient’s jaw bone and the placement of the dental implants. This eliminates the need for costly and time consuming bone grafts.


In the conventional method multiple implants are placed straight into the bone and require a minimum of six to nine months of healing time before teeth can be attached to the implants.  The One‑Day‑Teeth™ differentiates itself by placing the back implants at an angle thus maximizing the available bone without compromising the stability of the implant.  This allows for attaching an immediate temporary bridge on the implants thus providing you with fixed functioning teeth immediately.


The surgery takes approximately four hours per arch and is done under sedation and/or general anesthesia.

The average time for the surgical procedure is 2 hrs per jaw. You will be resting in our comfortable post-op room while our team of lab technicians makes your immediate temporary bridge on site. Below is a rough outline. Please remember there are planning appointments prior to the procedure and appointments after the procedure for your post-op care. Your implant will need to heal with the bone before we can begin to make fabricate your final restorations.


As with any surgical procedure, the body experiences some pain and mostly discomfort as inflammation sets in to start the healing process. In our effort to minimize your overall level of discomfort, our team uses an innovative protocol incorporating platelet rich plasma that minimizes pain and discomfort during your healing. In addition, you will be prescribed appropriate antibiotics and pain medications to increase your comfort and prevent infection.  The recovery period differs for every patient. Due to our protocols, most of our patients report experiencing no significant  discomfort beyond swelling and soreness and most report switching to Advil and Tylenol a day or two after the procedure. In order to provide an adequate environment for your implants to heal with the surrounding bone, you will be asked to follow a modified soft food diet. This is not a liquid diet. You will be able to enjoy most of your favorite foods by following our guidelines. Since everyone has a different threshold for pain and discomfort we suggest you plan on a few days to recover before resuming your normal activity.

6. What about after my work is done?

 Unlike the corporate dental implant supercenters, Drs. Schwartz and Whitesides are interested in providing you with a lifetime of care. Every patient who receives One-Day-Teeth from Lee "Mac" Whitesides, DMD, MMSc will be provided, at no cost, a yearly check-up to evaluate the implants and the prosthesis. At One-Day-Teeth @ paper Mill Dental you are more than a patient, you’re family.

Call Dunwoody Office Phone Number 404-932-9964 with any questions and to schedule a consultation.